New Location for Vite Bikes

Vite Bikes & Trikes has moved out of their retail store on Tamiami Trail South to a new store location in Spring Hill, FL.

We have reopened for business and look forward to welcoming you to our new shop home. Please call for an appointment 941-484-0020 or cell 727-385-7371 or email
Vite Bikes, LLC
18642 Rogerland Rd
Spring Hill, FL 34610

Existing local customers in Venice:
Contact David Moulds

John and I have very much enjoyed getting to know our customers during the last 2 years at the Tamiami Trail location. So many of you have become personal friends and we hope you will continue to keep us updated on how you are doing with your bikes. We have stayed very busy.

Dave Moulds is still available for service in Venice to any local existing customers.

Our telephone number 941-484-0020 and website will not change so please don’t hesitate to give us a call and pay us a visit.

Proper Fit

Once you know the bike you would like to purchase, please feel free to call Vite Bikes as we would be happy to have you fitted to your machine.  We suggest measuring for an x-seam measurement and would be happy to hear in detail what type of riding you would like to accomplish so we can adjust the angle of seat.  Most fast racers prefer a lower seat angle of less than 20 degrees.  However, while touring and traveling in cities surrounded by traffic, most feel comfortable with a higher seat angle so they have a higher head position in traffic and can see around obstacles better. Read more