Every “dang” crew needs one…


Every crew usually has a couple of these…those amazing people who seem to be able to stay positive and bubbly despite sleep psychosis and the debilitating smell of car funk. Beth Rawls is one those people. She is a breast cancer survivor who was on tap to crew for the 4 person team that John and Jacquie were on in the 2012 RAAM when she got her diagnosis. She was unable to do the race and was thrilled to have the opportunity this year.



Don Mayne  (Crew Chief of the 2012 Bacchetta 4- person Team) presents Beth with a RAAM team jersey signed by the crew and riders. Beth had to drop out of crewing because of illness.

Beth lives life like a survivor. She appreciates every moment and injects her positive outlook into everything she does. She is famous for prolific use of the word “dang”…like “I wish that dang wind would calm down”. She is also a serious photographer. She snaps more pictures than a Japanese tourist at Disneyland. She wants people to see what she sees; to enjoy what she is enjoying. Beth and her husband, Johnny are both recumbent bike riders and live in Mississippi.

Some of Beth’s wonderful photos:








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