Jacquie Schlitter’s Impressive Accomplishments Set the Stage for RAAM

No its not invading aliens nor pirates. The jac Attack logo is the familiar site of the back of Jacquies hemet and her signature golden pigtails as she moves farther and farther away from the competition.


Jacquie’s Past Accomplishments

2011 Sebring 12hr- 1st place overall women 255 miles

2011 Heart of the South 500- 1st place women 2 person team

2011 Calvins Challenge 6 hr- 1st place women

2011 Bessies Creek 12hr- 1st place overall women- 1st place overall 231 miles

2011 Balltown 200- 1st place overall women

2011 Super Randonneur Award

2011 Paris Brest Paris 1200k

2012 HPRA Races- 1st place women (maple mile, 20 minute race, 200m sprint, last man out, 50 lap race)

2012 Sebring 24hr- 24hr drafting- 1st place overall women 516.4 miles- 2nd place overall

2012 Miami 6hr- 1st place women- 132 miles, 5:20waterbottles1

2012 Bessies Creek 24hr- 1st place overall women- 401 miles

2012 RAAM 4 person mixed team- 1st place mixed team, 6days, 12hrs, 43 mins

2012 Hell and Back 824 miles- 1st place women- 1st place overall

2013 GCI Relay 4 person- 1st place overall- 263 miles, 11:50

2013 Mid Atlantic 12hr- 2nd place women- 241 miles

2013- RAAM series challenge 400 mile- 1st place overall,

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Florida’s Jacquie Schlitter has lofty goals for RAAM 2014. “I never go to just finish a race. I go to win every time,” she said just days after her stunning victory of the RAAM Challenge Florida race held earlier this month. She was the overall winner of that 400 mile event with an average speed of 18.68 mph, and established a female recumbent course record while also besting Jim Parker’s 2012 record of 17.83 mph. That’s right, she rides recumbents, a sleek carbon Zockra to be exact. What would you expect from the wife of John Schlitter, the man who in 2008 became the first to ever finish RAAM on a recumbent?

Pit stop during November 2013 Florida 400 Mile RAAM Challenge

John, one of the founders of the popular Bachetta brand, left that company last year and now he and Jacquie run their own bike shop, Vite Bikes that specializes in recumbents. “We had planned on sticking just to that niche,” Jacqiue explained, “But within about a week based on customer requests knew that we’d better have some upright bikes too.”

Jacquie, a 47 year old mother of three (22 year old son, 15 year old daughter and a 9 year old daughter), is a relative newcomer to UltraCycling, but has always had an active lifestyle, “I’m from England originally, she explained, “I came here my last year of high school and all through school I’d played every possible sport. There are different sports there than here, so when I came here it was a little late to get into any American team sports because I didn’t know the rules. But I did run track. Then in my early 20′s I started my own personal training business. I started competing in body building and set me on a direction to stay healthy and I’ve done that since. After the body building and having a couple of kids I didn’t do anything competitive until three and a half years ago when I started doing this.”



When Jacquie Schlitter finished RAAM in 2012 as a member of a 4-rider mixed team, she initially felt that her team experience had been enough of RAAM for her. Within a half hour that changed – her thoughts have been on solo RAAM ever since.

Jacquie has always been an avid if not competitive cyclist, riding RAGBRAI several times. Her first foray into UltraCycling was the 12 Hours of Sebring in February 2011, where she set her age-group record for recumbent women at 254.7 miles. The following year Jacquie broke the record for the 24-Hours of Bike Sebring, cycling 516.4 miles in the 2012 as the only woman in the history of the Sebring event to do over 500 miles. Jacquie was also on a 4-rider mixed recumbent team that completed RAAM in 2012. It was at the finish of that event that she decided to do RAAM solo. She recalled that day, “I think on the stage when (RAAM finish-line emcee) George (Thomas) asked me, ‘Is this it? Will you be back?’ I said, ‘No, this is it.’ But 30 minutes later I changed my mind and realized that I really wanted to do it myself. I would have liked to do it this year. But it takes time to prepare and put together a realistic effort.” That’s smart thinking. But then of course Jacquie is a very smart woman. She’s a professor of Nursing at St. Petersburg College where she teaches in the upper division nursing program, “For nurses that are coming back for their baccalaureate degree. I try to teach primarily on-line classes now so that I can do that from the bike shop.”

Between the shop, her teaching and her training the coming seven months will be busy indeed. She’s already put together her RAAM crew of ten, with Jim Bingman as crew chief. “He crewed for the 2012 team,” she said, He’s awesome. And he crewed for John and I on the Hell And Back last year.” The crew may even include recumbent and overall 2013 RAAM winner Maria Parker, a fellow competitor at Jacquie’s first UltraCycling event, “She’s a great incentive for me,” Jacquie said, “My first race at the 12 Hours of Sebring I didn’t know anything about her. I pulled up to the start line and John knew who she was and he turned to me and said ‘That’s the girl you want to beat.’ So, I did that day! That was my first introduction to her and she was very nice and congratulated me afterward. We’ve had some great conversations since then and I consider her to be a very good friend. She’s been very supportive.”


Another recumbent rider on Jacquie’s mind is Barbara Buatois, the fast and petite French woman who in 2010 finished RAAM in an impressive 11days, 19 hours and 48 minutes. “I definitely want to beat that time,” Jacquie declared, “And I want to beat Tim Woudenberg’s time!” she added. Yes, Jacquie wants the overall recumbent record. To do that she’ll need to post a time better than Woundenberg’s 2010 time of 10 days, 23 hours and 14 minutes, nearly a day faster than Buatois.

As in life, the only thing certain about RAAM is uncertainty. So much can happen between now and the June 10 Oceanside start date. And so much can happen between the start and Annapolis, which Jacquie Schlitter plans to reach sometime on June 21. I’ll be there at City Dock to let you all know how it all works out for her.

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