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Vite Bikes will be downsizing later this year to focus on custom recumbent builds so we are having a HUGE garage sale clearance on traditional bike shop inventory like tires, wheels, tubes, bike parts, bike tools, and bike accessories of every kind. There is too much to list and not enough time to discuss individual items with people on the phone so please just stop by and load up. Prices are crazy low on everything because it all has to move. Don’t miss out.

Vite Bikes & Trikes is open M-F 11-5.

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After hours and weekend appointments are available and encouraged for one-on-one demo rides and custom build discussions.

Vite Racing Team Posts Great Results At 2015 Sebring 100-12/24 Hour

The Vite Support Crew was out in great numbers. John and Jacquie Schlitter led the enthusiastic crew. Thanks to all that showed up and spend the day and night supporting Vite Racers. A special thanks to Ivan Harms and his wife for traveling all the way from Kansas(?) to be on the support crew. It was great to see the smile on all the racers as they passed the Vite support area hearing the encouragement the Vite Peeps gave everyone. Those little things make a huge difference for the racers struggling with the monotony of the road. Vite Racing continued being a great example of the spirit of endurance racing helping anyone who needed it.
Recumbents riders shined this year. Jim Parker won the 100 mile in 4:14:11. Don Appel and Maria Parker put on a incredible race in the 12 hour. They were only minutes apart the entire race and ended up with tying for 1st place over the entire field at 261.1 miles. Vite member Kurt Searvogel put in an impressive 253.2 miles (rode his upright this time) on his quest to break the miles in a year record (he is riding that distance everyday for the next year!!). Doug Pinson (2nd place age div.) hit an impressive 229.8. Ed Bowen (1st in age div) and Steve Olsen (2nd in age div) tied at 221.9. Robert Thornton (2nd in age div.) had a excellent ride at 206.4. A great day for first time racers Beth Welch Rawls (2nd in age div.) and Rubin Randel (3rd in age div.) who both came in at 194.7. Dave Towns (1st in age div.) finished at 171.7. Dave’s better half, Meta Minto achieved her personal goal of 113.2 and got 1st place in her age division. Jim Iwaskow (4th in age div.) pulled off 113.1 miles before a mechanical problem took him out of the race. Charlie Ollinger had a great start but had to pull out at the century mark due to a knee injury.
Vite friends, Steven Hansen and Stasia Haferkorn put in amazing trike rides in the 12 hour race at 233.6 and 183, respectively.
24 Hour racers were led by Ben Tomblin (6th overall, 1st in recumbents, 1st in age div.) who pulled off a personal record by improving his distance last year by over 40 miles at 445.1 miles. Rod Owen came in 3rd in the recumbent div. with 349.9 miles. Paul Gagnon (4th in recumbents, 1st in age div.) had a tough start with some mechanical issues, but stayed the course and put in 291.9 miles. Allan Duhm (5th in recumbents, 1st in age div.) was on his way to a great race, but had a crash at 229 miles that took him out.
Vite Racing members, once again, were a great example of the best of endurance cycling…its speed, guts and heart. Great work everyone!!!!

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